Winchester Cathedral photography

Earlier this week I enjoyed an impromptu afternoon in Winchester. The sun was shining so I called a friend for lunch (well, a salad and a drink from trusty M&S) and we sat and soaked up the spring sunshine in the Cathedral grounds.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral in the spring sunshine

Winchester Cathedral is one of the largest in the country and is steeped in history. I’m not about to launch into a historical review of the building, mainly because, I won’t lie, Cathedral history isn’t exactly my Mastermind subject of choice, and besides, the Cathedral’s own website has plenty of historical detail – and if that can’t help, then I stand no chance.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

I was there just because.

To enjoy the architecture, the quiet grandeur, the stillness, the celebration of all that is great about our country. Ok, so I know it’s a celebration of all that is great about God, but for me it’s more than that (sorry God).

Winchester Cathedral hymns

Winchester Cathedral hymns

It’s about the men who built the Cathedral, who painted the stained glass windows, William Walker the diver who saved the building from collapse from flooding, the lives of the people buried there, the lives of the men who fought in battle and are remembered there, and the lives of the people we love and light candles for.

We remember

We remember

We Remember

Remembrance memorial, Winchester Cathedral

I lit candles for family and friends and asked whoever, or whatever is out there to look after them. I hope someone was listening.

Remembrance Candles

Remembrance candles. I hope someone or something was listening.

And then I enjoyed the Antony Gormley Sound II sculpture.

Antony Gormley Sound II

Antony Gormley Sound II, water and reflections

Go during wet months whilst the Crypt is flooded for a special view of the lonely sculpture standing amongst the reflections of the arches.

Perfect for an afternoon of wandering and wondering with your camera in tow.

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