Propeller sunset images – and how to find them

Before we’d even landed in Belfast, Nature had spoilt us.

A late afternoon flight from Southampton on a crisp November day meant we were in for a treat. Floating above the clouds somewhere between Southampton and Belfast, Flybe and Mother Nature indulged us with this stunning sunset.

Sunset above the clouds

Propeller sunset – somewhere between Southampton and Belfast.

A view usually reserved for God and pilots, the sun slowly slipped behind the horizon, lighting the sky candyfloss streaks of orange, gold, red and pink. We’ve got an abstract seascape print in our living room. I can lose myself in the ever changing colours, but on that flight Nature was making a point, loud and clear. Anything you can do, I can do better.

With a few spare seats, I took the chance to move about the plane with the camera and take as many shots as possible. All around, people snoozed, catching up on a precious 40 winks, unaware that we had exclusive front row seats to Nature’s evening party piece.


Sun setting above the clouds – nature’s party piece

Lesson learnt: photo opportunities never stop, even when you’re thousands of metres above the earth.

If you’re booking a sunset or sunrise flight, think about the direction of travel. We were flying west, so the sun was setting out of the left hand side of the plane. If you’ve got a choice of seats, think about the best place to sit and enjoy the view.

Have your camera ready on a flight and you could get lucky with a front row seat to an exclusive exhibition courtesy of your pilot and Mother Nature.

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